Adding a class

How to create a class


To add a class: Login to Turnitin to access your home page. Click on the green cross tab, namely 'Add a Class' situated on the top right- hand side of your home page. This will direct you to a new page. Then click on the menu option, namely 'Create a Class'.


Fill in the following open fields:

Class type: Click the drop down box and select 'Standard class' (always select standard class as the default option).

The class name: Enter the name of your class (e.g. Mathematics 211)

The enrolment password: 12345

Start date: Tii automatically selects a start date for your class which is by default the day you accessed Tii to create a class.

End date: Set an expiry date for the class; and click on 'Submit'.

Your class has been created and the class name will be added to the class name list.